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Natura Vitalis offers many, unique top products. As one of the first companies in Germany at all, Natura Vitalis offers CBD products, now also for our best friends: CBD dog biscuits!


CBD Hundekekse

CBD - dog biscuits

The dog is the best friend of man one says. And no wonder, because his loyalty, intelligence, dedication and passion more than pay us well. And although your faithful friend loves you unconditionally, of course he is always happy about a treat. But it should be tasty and above all healthy! And that's exactly what our CBD dog biscuits are because they each contain 2.5% highly effective CBD, tasty duck meat and the vital substance cornucopia amaranth. But the best thing is: every single biscuit has been handmade, so handmade with love! Read more in our E-Book: hier klicken



CBD Horse Pellets

CBD Horse Pellets

Every horse, like man, is an individual that has to be understood from within. By the understanding with animals the healing effect is shown. In addition, it shows how important it is to live in harmony with oneself and nature. This harmony should also be reflected in the diet of the faithful partner. Because health, a shiny coat and an inner balance depends to the highest degree on the right diet. For some years, however, many horses have been suffering more and more stress. Also, colic and the headshaking syndrome, in which the horse's head repeatedly pulled up, are favored by stress. The very first natural choice to restore the balance of your loyal partner is CBD! The effect of CBD in horses is similar to that of humans, since, like humans, the horse and every other mammal possess a so-called endocannabinoid system. This endocannabinoid system is part of the nervous system that CBD interacts with to effectively support health. As a result, several studies have shown that CBD in horses, as in humans, can also contribute to general well-being and the associated overall activity and vitality! Read more in our E-Book: klick here





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