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Natura Vitalis offers many, unique top products. Natura Vitalis is one of the first companies in Germany to offer CBD products at an incredibly fair price. If you want to know more about CBD CANNABIS products and how you can do a lot for your health with Natura Vitalis, please take a look at the videos below. They explain exactly how the CBD CANNABIS products from Natura Vitalis work.


pure CBD Oil

CBD CANNABIS OIL with 5% or 10% cannabidiol

100 percent natural cannabis. 100 percent life. 100 percent LEGAL - harness the incredible power of one of the oldest crops for your health. In recent years, the research is very interested in cannabidiol, so CBD - not least because of its enormous medical potential. It is believed that CBD can be used positively in a variety of health challenges. Since CBD is considered to be non-psychoactive, corresponding products can also be legally purchased in Germany and in most other countries of the world if the CBD is obtained from the natural extraction process and the maximum amount of THC approved by the EU Commission is not exceeded. Similar to non-alcoholic beer: Alcohol-free beer may be called non-alcoholic in Germany if it contains a maximum of 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. However, if a CBD product exceeds the maximum amount of THC approved by the EU Commission, it is subject to prescription and pharmacy. Read more in our
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CBD Softgels

A popular form of administration is the so-called sublingual administration, where the oil is dripped directly under the tongue. Thus, the cannabidiol through the oral mucosa is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream. However, the taste of cannabidiol for some users initially some getting used to. but most get used to after a short time of the application quickly. Those who prefer it but tasteless and do not require rapid effect within a few minutes, can rely on our CBD cannabis oil softgels. The Softgels not release the typical hemp flavor, because the cannabis oil is in the capsule and therefore your taste buds when eating not come into contact with the oil. Another benefit of consuming our CBD cannabis oil softgels is the exact dosage. One softgel contains namely the exact amount of CBD, which we specify when our product "Pure CBD cannabis oil" as the recommended daily intake - 8 drops!



CBD Balm

CBD-Balm - 30 ml (3% CBD) - Broadband balm for problem skin

CBD Balm is a 100% natural broadband cosmetic specially formulated for extremely sensitive and very sensitive problem skin. With its extremely high proportion (3%) of cannabidiol (CBD) in combination with other excellent natural substances such as coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter, grape seed oil and Madagascar vanilla oil, it is the non plus ultra skincare product for a wide variety of skin challenges. Read more in our
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CBD Stem-Complex

CBD Stem Complex - the future is now

CBD Stem-Complex is absolutely unique and only available worldwide at Natura Vitalis. The term "Stem Complex" means "strain complex" and stands for stem cells. And that's the point. In this product, the highly potent cannabinoid CBD from the cannabis plant is combined with an exclusive special plant mixture, which increases the body's own stem cells in the body. Read more in our
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CBD Happy

CBD Happy - smog in the head?

CBD Happy is a dietary supplement that combines CBD with Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Manganese, Folic Acid, Lycopene, Colostrum, Cocoa Powder, L-Lysine and other plant compounds that have proven effective in depression. This combination ensures that on the one hand the production of our happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine is strongly stimulated and on the other hand the production of stress hormones is significantly reduced. Read more in our
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CBD Immun

CBD Immun - the virus killer

CBD Immune is a compact of substances that are the right virus killers and prevent viruses from entering our cells. For example, Arthrospira, Ginger, Sutherlandia, Turmeric and of course CBD. CBD is an excellent viral killer because CBD increases the number of lymphocytes and NK cells. These are the natural killer cells in our immune system. In addition, turmeric and ginger support the immune system. Turmeric is also antiviral.  Read more in our
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CBD Sleep

CBD Sleep - the sleep revolution

CBD also influences the sleep quality due to the relaxing effect. This means you can sleep better because CBD positively supports the sleep cycle and thus the deep sleep phase. It is also interesting that CBD even increases the total sleep time. Valerian does the same. A popular herbal remedy because it also extends the deep sleep phase and naturally shortens the time you fall asleep. Both substances are positively enhanced in their effect. In addition, the sleep process is directly supported in CBD Sleep, by a substance that acts directly as a sleep aid. And in a completely natural way. And that's melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that is released by the pineal gland in the brain in the dark. We get tired of it, and the body stops to sleep. Melatonin and the other substances, CBD and valerian, are combined in CBD Sleep, all in one product. Read more in our
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CBD Cream for Tired Legs

CBD Cream for Tired Legs

ВStill, the risk of venous insufficiency (venous insufficiency) is underestimated. Challenges the veins is considered by many as a problem of old age. But lack of exercise, obesity and poor diet can more frequently suffer also relatively young people. So it is very useful to take care of our complex venous system. The sooner the better. For this reason offers "CBD Cream For Tired Legs (CBD Cream For Tired Legs)" a winning combination of substances - consisting of the Plant of the Year 2008 (Horse Chestnut) and the plant of the year 2002 (butcher's broom). The deep-acting substances MSM and high doses of CBD (550 mg), the effect was also demonstrated in numerous studies, complete the recipe and ensure an extremely rapid effect in heavy and tired legs, varicose veins, postoperative and postpartum edema and other symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. Read more in our e-book: click here



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