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The spectrum of action of cannabidiol (CBD)

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relieves cramps
activates the body
reduces twitching
relaxes the muscle
fights psoriasis
help in losing weight
works on acne
relieves sleep problems
strengthens the immune system
dilates blood vessels
soothes stress
prevents arteriosclerosis
regulated heart problems
help with mood swings
protects the nerves in migraine
helps with migraine
has an anxiety-relieving effect
has an analgesic effect
helps with psychotic episodes
works against free radicals
helps on depression
strengthens the bones
promotes growth
has an anti-inflammatory effect
works for chronic pain
relieves Parkinson symptoms
Fights multiple sclerosis
Fights rheumatism
inhibits cancer cell growth
stimulates the appetite
works with liver disease
calms the intestine
relieves nausea and vomiting
is antibacterial
relieves ADHD

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